Gradescope is a grading efficiency tool that allows you to grade and provide feedback on paper-based or digital assignments and exams quickly and consistently.

  • With Gradescope, you can create flexible rubrics for your existing assignments.

  • All graders use the same rubric, resulting in increased consistency for each problem.

  • Student submissions can be graded by multiple instructors, TAs, or readers simultaneously with no overlap.

  • Utilize annotation tools and comments for customized feedback for each learner.

  • View in-depth analysis for each rubric and assignment.

Gradescope is integrated with Canvas and supports full pass-back of grades to the Canvas gradebook.

“Gradescope has allowed me to nearly seamlessly migrate my grading rubrics for mathy problem sets in a physical chemistry course such that my TAs and graders can quickly and efficiently distribute partial credit to students. I have received good feedback from my TA and grader that the grading goes smoothly with Gradescope. I would consider using Gradescope for grading even in the absence of remote instruction.”
- Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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