Hypothes.is is being made available to UCSC for Fall 2020 under a pilot agreement. If you use Hypothesis in your course, you will be asked to complete 2-3 surveys throughout the quarter regarding the product, and you may be asked to forward a survey to your students. Your participation in these surveys will directly influence whether the product is purchased for Winter 2021 and beyond. Contact Leslie Kern, Learning and Instructional Products Portfolio Manager, for additional information.

Hypothesis is an annotation tool that allows students to highlight and annotate web pages and PDFs. These notes are available to the student whenever they access the annotated documents and may be held privately to the student, or shared either with a select group, such as a class, or publicly. Integrated with Canvas, this tool:

  • Provides students and faculty with a single point of access to all documents and annotations directly in Canvas

  • Allows instructors to assign, review, and easily grade annotations both individually and through group interactions

  • Provides students with permanent access to their annotations of work

Upcoming Workshops

  • No workshops currently scheduled.

Additional Support


  • Support for the Hypothesis tool: support@hypothes.is

  • Help with Canvas integration: canvas.help@ucsc.edu