Lecture Capture

Due to the campus move to all-remote instruction for the start of Winter 2022, the Lecture Capture system will begin making classroom recordings when in-person instruction resumes on January 18, 2022.

Lecture Capture service (formerly Webcast) is planned for all general assignment in-person classrooms. See this list of the rooms that are currently configured.

Classroom lectures are captured only upon request of the course instructor. You must specifically request Lecture Capture be scheduled for your class. Note that once scheduled, all regularly-scheduled class sessions are recorded.

Lecture Capture uses the YuJa Media Management system to store and share recordings.

Lecture Capture begins recording at the start of the scheduled class time, and ends at the end of the scheduled class time. Recordings include anything displayed through the projector, with the exception of blu-ray video which is encoded to prevent recording, and the audio from the instructor's mic. You may choose to optionally configure a camera that will record the front of the room. The camera setting chosen will remain as set for the entire quarter.

Once the scheduled session ends, the recordings are processed and delivered to the instructor's YuJa media account. The recording will also be automatically published to the course in YuJa, so that students may access it for asynchronous review from Canvas, directly from YuJa, or through a link you can provide to them directly. Note that processing times are dependent on the length of the recording, and may typically be more than two hours.

Lecture Capture does not support live streaming. To facilitate a blended synchronous class, with some students in the classroom with others being remote, see solutions for blended synchronous instruction.

Learn more about Lecture Capture on this ITS page.

Scheduling and Accessing Lecture Capture Recordings for Instructors