YUJA media management

The YuJa media management system provides the tools for creating, storing, and sharing media content. YuJa has been specifically implemented to support instructors in the creation and presentation of media content in course materials. This includes the creation of video in YuJa with the YuJa Capture application as well as the uploading of existing video to YuJa. Yuja also acts a repository for Zoom Cloud recordings. Media stored in YuJa is easily integrated into courses in Canvas for student to view and interact with.

Yuja is now available in all Canvas courses. To activate your account, click on Yuja from your course navigation.

Additional Support


  • YuJa Support: support@yuja.com

  • Submit an ITS Ticket with the Keyword/Category: YuJa

  • Help with Canvas-YuJa integration: canvas.help@ucsc.edu