Teaching Teams

As with more “traditional” teaching contexts that involve teaching teams (i.e., an instructor and Teaching Assistants (TAs)), pivoting to remote instruction will be most effective, for both instructors and students, when the teaching team aligns their expectations and explicitly discusses course learning goals, teaching approaches, policies, and respective responsibilities within the members of the teaching team before the course begins.

Meeting with Teaching Teams

CITL encourages instructors to have early conversations with the teaching team about the best approaches for remote teaching and learning in the context of a specific course.

Setting regular meeting times to meet with the teaching team is also highly recommended for better communication among the team members and subsequently with the students.

One way for a team to meet remotely is to schedule a Zoom meeting and ensure that all members of the team receive a link to join the meeting, either through email or Google calendar.

Meeting Recommendations

  • Have a clear agenda and keep an eye on time. It’s easier for people’s attention to wander during virtual meetings.

  • Starting with something personal (a quick check-in) can make these meetings feel more personal.

  • As with the recommendations for synchronous remote classes, instructors and TAs can share screens with each other, use the chat function, and utilize break-out rooms for smaller-group work sessions or discussions.